Romantic and affordable Paris

You finally are in love and you finally you can have a few days off from work. Then, book the airplane tickets by one of the low cost carriers like Easyjet for example, reserve a holiday apartment in Paris and make sure it is the most romantic spot available and start planning great trip with that special someone you have been waiting for so long to meet. Paris is a fabulous city to visit with so many things to see and enjoy, but also a fantastic place for a romantic getaway where the couple can enjoy an intimate meal in a cozy restaurant, plus a stroll along Montmartre and a great panoramic view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower Sketch

Remember that it is advisable to plan everything in advance, so that you do not end up with no money at all after the holiday. Despite the panning though, a good date with your partner needs to be spontaneous and to have that carefree atmosphere. Once you are in Paris and you had some rest at your serviced apartment, you can hit the streets and visit all the sites that matter in Paris. Most probably, among the first places on the list shall be Notre Dame. And if it happens to be at lunch time, note that there are plenty of nice restaurants and brasseries there. After lunch, the options for having good and romantic time are many and they include even a ride in a hot air balloon or a boat pass the Lac Inferieur waterfalls in Bois de Boulogne.

Photos of Promenade plantee, Paris
This photo of Promenade plantee

If that is not romantic enough, you can also go for a stroll along Plantée Promenade, which tempts with its wonderful flowers in the spring and in the summer. Along the way, there are plenty of nice outdoor cafes when it is warm and cozy little bars when it is cold. Then, the options are numerous. You can go for a walk at Jardin du Luxembourg, the Eiffel Tower itself, which is a symbol of Paris and quite an impressive site. Some people thing it is a great place to make a proposal, but this is more a cliché, then a fact. Far more pleasant for that is the region around Montmartre. It is also an ear full of nice cafes and could be quite full of tourists. If the weather is warmer, then one could also take a walk along the Plantée Promenade and can enjoy a long picnic by the Seine River.

Photos of River Seine, Paris
This photo of River Seine

Often called the city of love, Paris is visited by millions of couples in love, enjoying their romantic getaway. The city offers them interesting attractions and places of entertainment, fabulous cuisine to remember and a fantastic selection of wines, as well as many landmarks and world-famous sites. Even if Paris could be quite expensive, there are plenty of things to be done here and to be seen, which do not require spending a lot of money. If you are creative and you love to plan, then you can have a romantic and affordable vacation in Paris.

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