One day trips near Brussels

Brussels is a great tourist destination and there are many reasons for that – the city tempts the traveler with its almost a hundred museums, great shopping area, fantastic restaurants. Since Belgium is a small country and in case one has more time there, thanks to its location the city offers some wonderful one day trips that should not be missed. All of them take one hour to an hour and a half to reach from your Brussels holiday apartment and are just adorable places that have to be seen. Belgium Pictures
This photo of Belgium

The first destination on our mind is placed in the Belgium region of Wallonia and this is the site of the Waterloo Battle. The place is very exciting, especially for those who love history, since the Battle of Waterloo was among the most important one in the history of Europe and marked the fall of Napoleon and a new era of peace on the continent. The place is great to visit and see the reenactments, as well as learn about the battle. Another site in the Wallonia region of Belgium is the Fondation Folon, which is an art site named by a local Belgian painter and sculptor who lived in the 20th century. Onsite are displayed works of art of the painter and the place (Chateau de la Hulp) is to be found just half an hour from the city of Brussels. Besides the beautiful park, there is a café and a tavern, where one can try some delicious meals. Both of these one day trips are easier to be made by car, however bus transport is available as well.

Pictures of Waterloo Battlefield (Champ de Bataille de Waterloo), Waterloo
This photo of Waterloo Battlefield (Champ de Bataille de Waterloo)

The other region of Belgium, Flanders, has its beauties as well and great one day trips too. The first destination to consider here is the city of Antwerp, which is well-known for its sparkling diamonds. In case that you want to buy a diamond, better stay on the safe side and make sure that you make purchase at a shop from the Diamond Jewelers Association. The city is the fashion center of Belgium and there are many nice boutiques there to be checked. The city of Antwerp is reached for 30 minutes by a train from the Central Railway Station in Brussels.

Photos of Ghent Town Hall (Stadhuis), Ghent
This photo of Ghent Town Hall (Stadhuis)

The second destination for one-day trips in this area is the town of Bruges, famous with its canals and chocolates. The town has an adorable medieval center with many canals, cobblestoned streets and more than forty shops for chocolate. The trip to Bruges usually lasts for about an hour. Another place to consider here, which is also just 35 min away from Brussels is the town of Ghent, which has a wonderful architecture, many canals lovely guildhalls along the banks of the canals, and of course a countless number of sidewalk cafes and brasseries. The city is especially beautiful in the evening, when all the monuments and buildings are illuminated.

Besides these options, one could also go to Amsterdam in The Netherlands (the journey lasts for 2h 40 min), Paris in France (1 h 25 min), Aachen in Germany (less than 2h), Maastricht in The Netherlands (less than 2 h), Lille in France (1 h) and Knokke-Heist in Belgium.